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message queue

Turn any API into a message queue, just add prefix - supports job tracing, delays and scheduling.

Powerful Features

To enhance productivity

1Delay and Schedule

Schedule a job to run after a given time, or at regular intervals (CRON, time or RRULE).

2Auto Retry

Specify how many times to retry the request before failing, with customizable backoff.


Every job is traced, including all headers and body for enhanced debugging.

4Rate Limit

Auto-handles rate limit response headers, automatically retrying after the requested backoff.

5Manual Retry

Fix and reprocess failed records in the console to ensure your jobs are always completed.

6Bulk Push

Push multiple jobs to the queue at once, ensuring transaction safe queueing.

Just add a prefix

Prefix any URL with and we’ll queue the request, and proxy it to your server with the exact same headers, method and body.

curl -X POST ""

Queue request and immediately forward POST request to


1Scale with ease

Existing queues scale in a different way to your HTTPS services, so you have to maintain two distinct architectures that doubles the devops workload.

2Reuse your HTTPS API

You already have a HTTPS API, so creating a second interface and API for every service and method to make it asynchronous adds duplication and complexity.

3De-couple services

The consumer service no longer needs to know whether it will be called async or sync. It’s the publishing/calling service that gets to decide.

Support for every language

Track every job


Every job is logged in the Zeplo console, allowing you to see exactly what’s happening in your queue and to respond to any problems.

Alert on exception


Cut above the noise and get alerts when things aren’t right. Setup custom alert filters and get notified by e-mail, Slack or PagerDuty.

Fix and re-process


Once you’ve discovered an error, you can review the complete request to diagnose the problem, and once its fixed your can reprocess the record.

Use cases

Make a payment request, and retry 3 times on failure<your_url>?_retry=3

Send a Slack reminder every day to join the team standup<your_url>?_cron=0|8|*|*|*

Queue incoming webhooks for reliable processing<your_url>

Send a customized email 50 mins after the user signs up<your_url>?_delay=3000

Delete all user data 30 days after the user closes account<your_url>?_delay=2592000

Update master and cache databases together>
*Zeplo doesn’t run the code itself, but instead sends a HTTPS request to your endpoint at the exact time it needs to run (and can automatically or manually retry it if it fails).

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