You can automatically retry requests that fail by adding the _retry query parameter or X-Zeplo-Retry header.

Retry Backoff

By default, retries will be attempted at a fixed interval of 1 second. You can specify how retries should be attempted by adding one of the following backoff approaches:

  • immediate - runs the retry requests immediately after the initial request
  • exponential,<seconds> - exponentially increases the backoff by seconds^2. E.g. if set to 1, the first it would be 1 (1^2), 4 (2^2), 9 (3^2) seconds… and so on.
  • fixed,<seconds> - interval remains constant

For example:|immediate|fixed|1|exponential|1

With a retry of 3 a maximum of 4 calls will be made to your endpoint - 1 for the original request, and 3 retry requests.

What is considered a failed attempt?

If we received a HTTP response status code greater than or equal to 400.